robodick clear is done sooooo 6 left i think ; ;

meant to get to these earlier but i took a nap instead


Yup! And very soon! Postcard version will definitely be, and I might offer a large poster size…

I’ve actually been working on a shop on and off for a few months now and, after a crazy amount of help from sync3, I should be able to open in the next week or two. When I get all the chibi done I’m hoping to sell them in a discounted bundle, too.

Mmm the original otp. Only if I’m allowed to use chinese Taric~

I wish I was a child prodigy, but sadly I’m 2x (that’s specific as I’ll get, sorry)

He bleeds so pretty

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more from that postcard set.

blue+swirls will be final print version

i decided for the sake of saving time that they’re all going to have similar bgs after wasting a bunch of hours on the 2 other bgs…

originally, it was just a doodle of him with his ass in the air… but then i got accepted to fanime’s artist alley so i decided to waste my evening drawing something no one will buy lol

first one finished!

# solsart

my part for an art exchange over on da

lines for some postcards prints~ i kind of want to do all the various outfits+reconnect versions, but there’s so damn many… 

i should be studying for tests but i had to congratulate my oc for losing half of his right arm recently