some flight rising gijinka. a pair of coatls and a greedy pearlcatcher with his pet imperial


I just got your package, solthrys ~~~

THANK YOU! Those peeps and lemonheads are great X3 Well all of them are but hey  Those charms.

I would take better pics but it’s just rainy and cloudy today. Dark :P 

I still can’t believe you like peeps.

# oc shit

How long until she can hold a knife?

a little thing for ravenquill they are going to be horrible parents

sorry i’ve been sort of dead/lazy for the last week. this is all i’ve drawn lol


Fanime has been good to me CHYEAH YKNOW. Prints by solthrys!

/steals moogle

it’s great to see they made it back safely!

i’m about to go crack out on some 14 instead of replying to peeps  (i know it’s been like 2 weeks for a lot of you. tomorrow, i promise)

before i disappear, i am a bit curious if anyone would like ff14 and LoL charms? since the ff14/dmmd/noragami stuff did so well i was thinking about making more things with the fanime earnings xD

while i want to do every race, gender, and job combination, it might be less insane to make the 5 races in their starter gear + AF armor (although 9 classes mean 1 combo won’t be represented)

for lol, voting might be easiest since there’s a fuckton of champs…


going to slowly dribble out the ff14 prints while i casually work on paladin :P

meant to put these postcards up before fanime… oh well

Fanime is over and all I bought was my waifu

The hiyoris found a way to have a tail…

a little wip preview of the ff14 prints for fanime~