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i noticed gyazo had a tumblr button so testing with a wip of my miqo!

(flames pride! we may suck in pvp, but we have the best seal armor for casters)

a little present for ravenquill, her cutie cat girl oc.

# oc stuff

tried practicing a more realistic style so i might have a shot at making it pro one day… failed pretty hard. ended up slapping some disembodied wings and a shitty color job on him instead.

# oc stuff

sorry i haven’t been posting much. been one of those months where everything i draw is shit.

happy moonfire faire. I tried to get cute pics of lime and guy but lion had to make things weird :(

some quicky commissions~

finally got around to finishing paladin for the class prints based of my friends’ characters so mass post time!

charms are done and ordered! winner of the contest, elementisart, wanted either a behemoth or mail moogle. i was torn because chibi behemoth is adorable, but moogles are pretty awesome too. moogle won the coin flip

is it me or did mnk turn out cute as fuck

Er, my last message was about the ff14 charms specifically. I would gladly buy a DRG phone charm. :D

Extras from the con will go in my storenvy , and if there’s enough interest I’ll order more in case some sell out ^^



I’m working on a set of clear acrylic cell phone charms to sell at Japan Expo in August. Since ninja isn’t out for another few months I need help picking out what the 10th charm will be! 

Winner of the contest gets to pick the design of the last charm AND will get it and one of their favorite job mailed to them.

Contest ends on 7/29 PST

  • Design will be limited to one of the staple/recognizable creatures of FF14 like a chocobo, moogle, tonberry, kidragora, dust bunny, etc. 
  • you must be willing to give me their address if you win
  • winner must reply asap because I’m cutting this close to the shipping deadline
  • reblog/like to enter

Contest ends in about 5 hours @ 12am so it’s not too late to enter! A little preview of the charms so far: